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Shenzhen Nanke Fuel Cell Co., Ltd ("Nanke Fuel Cell") is a national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen Peacock Team, jointly established in June 2016 by the team of Academician Wang Haijiang of Canadian National Academy of Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen Municipal Government, Zhengdao Industrial Investment Group. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of fuel cell electric reactors, membrane electrodes and bipolar plates, and has led and participated in a number of domestic and international fuel cell research and development projects.

At present, the company has mastered the low-cost, high-performance, long-life fuel cell electric reactor technology and membrane electrode batch production technology, and has developed 60 kW fuel cell electric reactor products, completed a large-scale production of membrane electrode production line (the annual output can be used by 2,000 30 kW electric reactors), the technical performance has reached the international first-class level, will be put into batch production soon.


Team Introduction

Our innovative research team is an international team of experts with extensive experience and complementary expertise in the field of proton membrane fuel cells, who have led and participated in a number of domestic and international PR projects on fuel cell R&D. The core team has reached the international advanced level of comprehensive research strength, including ISO/WG14 team members who have participated in the formulation of hydrogen and air standards for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, and have unique insight and rich experience in the core technology of fuel cells.





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Company positioning: a provider of low-carbon power technologies, a driver of the energy revolution, and a champion for the well-being of employees and shareholders

Company mission: innovation, energy technology, creating a better future

Company Vision: China's Power to Lead the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

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