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Shenzhen nanke fuel cell co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "nanke fuel cell") is a national high-tech enterprise, a shenzhen high-tech enterprise, and a shenzhen peacock team. It was jointly established in April 2016 by academician wang haijiang of the national academy of sciences of Canada, southern university of science and technology, shenzhen municipal government and zhengdao industrial investment group. Company for fuel cells, electric reactor, membrane electrode, double plate research, development, production and sales for the main business, has dominated and participate in a number of fuel cell research and development at home and abroad research projects, with key proton exchange membrane fuel cell materials and components, single battery integrated simulation, double plate flow field simulation, electric reactor design and testing, and below 100 kw electric pile production key technology and independent intellectual property rights, comprehensive strength has reached the international advanced level.
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